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Shuttering Plywood IS: 4990

“Building Block of Buildings”

Shuttering plywood, though invisible, has been contributing in no small measure, to the development of real estate in various measures. They have successfully withstood the test of efficiency for repeated applications in concrete columns and large construction. Our shuttering range is builder’s single choice. The plywood is preservative treated by vacuum pressure impregnation process with Copper Chrome Arsenic composition. ”Jai Assam” shuttering plywood can be repeated over and over again while making over precious construction.
Shuttering Plywood has the following Characteristic
  • Only selected hardwood veneers used, conforming to IS specification.
  • Phenol resin bonding of veneers is done
  • Total chemical insulation against termite and microorganisms by vacuum pressure impregnation treatment.
  • Offers sufficient flexibility for wood carving applications.
Film Faced Plywood: It is made with 170 GSM Phenolic polymer film on both sides to ensure a smooth surface for shuttering purpose that saves time and labour of plastering.

Technical Data:

Load and Deflection: By taking the maximum permitted deflection as 1: 270 (Via 1/270 of the span between the bearers) the following data gives the max. Load per Sq. Mts. a) When the face grain of the plywood is parallel to bearers:
Center Distance of Bearer Max. Load. In Kg./Sq. Mts
  9 mm 12 mm
30 cm (12 inch) 760 1220
40 cm (16 inch) 320 540
50 cm (20 inch) 190 390
60 cm(24 inch) 110 170
b) when the face grain of the plywood is perpendicular to bearers:

Center Distance of Bearer Max. Load. In Kg./Sq. Mts
  9mm 12mm
30 cm (12 inch) 1270 1950
40 cm (16 inch) 540 850
50 cm (20 inch) 310 650
60 cm(24 inch) 170 360
Specific Gravity .77 to 0.75 gms/cc
Bending Strength Above 400 Kg/Sq. cm
Nail Holding Strength Above 100 Kg/Sq. cm
Screw Holding Strength Above 250 Kg/Sq. cm
Normal to Face Nail Holding Above 60 Kg/Sq. cm
Module of Elasticity 8000 N/mm2  
Swelling in Water Below 1%  
Tensile Strength 600 Kgs/Sq. cm
Moisture Contents 8 to 12 %  
Boiling Water Resistance 72 hr at 100ºc  
Tensile Strength    
Along the Grains 450 Kg F/Cm2
Across  the Grains 280 Kg F/cm2  
Bending Strength    
Along the Grains 450 Kg F/Cm2
Across  the Grains 350 Kg F/cm2  

Film Faced Shuttering plywood are used to all civil construction firms for casting concrete alabs; beams and boxes to obtain mirror finish surface output. No further plastering or finishing of surface are requirement if our film faced shuttering plywood is carefully used 20-25 repetitions can be obtain.