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Consumer Knowledge

What you should know about plywood?

Before buying plywood for furniture or for any other purpose, you should know:

  • What exactly is plywood?
    Plywood is made by cross bonding of venner layers with suitable adhesives and the application of optimum temperature and pressure.
  • How should you check plywood?

Checking should be done on these counts:

  • Whether it is ISI certified: Most plywood are non certified. “Jai Assam” adheres to the strictest quality standards, therefore it has ISI mark.
  • Whether it is Bores Proof: “Jai Assam “Plywood is 100% bores proof. This is due to a unique 4 stage insect proofing process. Of heat drying, resin coating, chemical treatment and chemical dipping at the final stage.

For the sake of your furniture, always remember to take the following precautions:

  • Never mix non-treated wood with insect treated plywood. This may cause long-term damage to the furniture.
  • As far as possible, seasoned and treated timber should be used for making furniture and cupboard frames.
  • Insist that your carpenter or furniture maker seals of the edges of panels produced, after sawing or chiseling or planning as precaution against any entry of termites.
  • Avoid placing furniture and woodwork in damp, humid places. Damp proof the walls etc. before fixing products like almirahas, cupboards and drawers in place.

Consumer Knowledge to extend the life of Shuttering ply:

  • Don’t drop ply sheets from a height and don’t drag the ply.
  • Stack the panels carefully on a flat support in a coverable place.
  • Apply a thin layer of mould oil before initial use and preferable after 2 subsequent uses.
  • Clear all the shuttering panel after use care should be taken while cleaning to avoid damage to faces.
Avoid excessive nail. Putty should be filled in the holes caused by nailing.