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Reconstituted veneers are available at affordable prices and they are in real replicas of Natural Veneers only.

Products under these categories are as follows:

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Technical Specifications
Sl.No Test prescribed Values for conformity Observed Value
1. Thickness 1.00mm(±10%) 1.00mm(±5%)
2. Resistance to surface wear 350 Revolutions / Min. > 350 Revolutions
3. Dimentional stability at 200 C
  Longitudinal (%)

0.375% (Max.)
0.60% (Max.)

0.285% (Max.)
0.50% (Max.)
4. Resistance to Impact by Small Diameter Ball 20 N (Min.) 25 N (Min.)
5. Resistance to Cracking Should pass test Passes Comfortably
6. Resistance to Scratching 2 N (Min.) 3 N (Min.)
7. Resistance to Staining Should pass test Passes all