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“Jai Assam” a product of Jai Balajee Plywood Ind. Pvt. Ltd. (JBPI) located at Sonipat, Haryana, India for over a decade with its corporate office in Delhi has created its  place in our various range including Plywood. Block Board, Flush Door, Decorative, etc in market all over India and abroad.

All our products are BIS certified and are ISI marked under relevant codes.

  • Plywood is manufactured from combination of quality uniform thickness core and panel, peeled from selected durable wood by most modernized full automatic pneumatically controlled peeling machine.

  • Weather Resistant: By using species of uniform density with balanced construction makes it weather resistant.

  • Anti Warp: Stress relieving process and carried out to keep the product anti warp

  • Excellent screw holding capacity: Excellent screw holding capacity due to selected wood/species, a property without which any plywood can be good.

  • Borer and Terminate Resistant: Glue line of all products are poisoned by giving special formulation of chemicals like Boric, chromic Acid, Dursban, etc, conforming to IS: 5339-1969 and this enables “ Jai Assam” to be completely Borer, Termite, White ants, Fungus, other microorganism resistant

  • Selected thickness of Face Veneer

  • Uniform spreading of resin

  • Technical Staff: A highly skilled workforce is supervised by an extremely quality conscious and experienced technical staff from IPIRITI and FRI also over 400 strong workforce is professionally trained to look into every aspect of production.

  • Laboratory: Our modern and well-equipped laboratory able supports our comprehensive quality control system and hence helps us in using latest technology high precision machines

  • Drier Dried: Green veneers are dried in a scientific dryer, which is backed by world-class thermo fluid heater

  • Quality processes are well defined and are implemented rigidly. The entire production takes place under one roof with all latest machines and technologies in house. The production is organized into five stages, which seamlessly blend one another.

Doors are pressed under high temperature and high-pressure which makes them exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable.

Superior grade phenol formaldehyde resin provides 100% BWR bonding to the layers. Jai Assam Doors are long lasting, gives dependable performance, elegant designs (made possible by decorative veneer and super finished facing) and ensure our safety too. (For this purpose Lock Rails are provided on both sides to hold the lock properly)


They are applied with pure liquid phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin confirming to BWP grade under consideration of IS: 848: 1974 to attain the qualities of 100% Boiling Water Proof i.e., can with stand boiling water for 72 hours.

Block Board Core
They are carefully selected unweathered timber after treatment of preservative a per rules IS: 401: 1982 to make resistant to termites, fungus and Vermin, They are further tenderized to make them stress free. Both stile and rail are kiln seasoned to gain optimum moisture as per IS 1141: 1991.

Cross Bands
They contain well peeled smooth veneer and are well distinctive in nature confirming to IS: 710:1976.

Face Veneer
They are available in commercial as well as decorative purposes.

The Teak wood lipping is available as per order or requirement Stile.
They contain high crystal bondage i.e. Screw holding property is excellent.
Lock rail has been provided for the better fixing of lock in the doors, so that your dream home will be provided the extra safe guard.

Available in 3 varieties
One Side Decorative
Both Sides Decorative
Non- Decorative

They are manufactured according to customized sizes and are available both in single as well as double leaf type

Available Thickness 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm

Molded Panel Doors: In Line with innovative value added products “Jai Assam” has also introduced of its kind Molded Panel Doors in the Indian Market. It is a ready-made door with solid seasoned wood core, topped with unique design and rigid molded HDF American Door Skin. These doors are water proof and can be polished or painted also to give better and elegant look.

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