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Plywood is an indispensable item of modern living.  Especially in the use of interior décor. Besides interior décor, it is also used in other applications such as roofing and paneling. Gone are the days of artificial looking weak paper laminates and our days of having forced  to do with ordinary plywood are now over, JBPI offers an opulent, stunning range of rich textures in its decorative plywood range

In this context JBPI launches the technically advanced 6 ply construction that will leave other names ages behind. It makes plywood 2.5 times stronger and long lasting than ordinary plywood.

JBPI also offer our as man as 170 sylvan pattern and textures i.e.
  • Symphony of fashion
  • Functionalit
  • Durability

  • ISI approved
  • Borer and Powder Resistant
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Termite Resistant
  • Boiling Water Resistant
  • Anti Warp
  • Calibrated
  • Range of colures shades texture and grains available
  • Superior Surface Finish
  • Protective Ploythene packing
  • Group match available both light and dark grains

Ordinary decorative plywood was till recently available only in 4 Ply constructions which is of poor quality and is technically inferior

Reconstructed Decorative Plywood (IS: 1328)
We also manufacture recomposed veneers that are passes through a dyeing process to give a wide spectrum of sylvan and patterns. They are also referred to as a mirror reflection of natural decorative plywood that is available at more affordable prices.


  • Unique fungicide treatment taken care of the decorative surface, which otherwise may get stained (Black spots at later stage) due to minor deficiency in polishing
  • All decorative veneers raw sheets are handpicked from Europe and America
  • Gum Tapes are not uses to avoid impression on face

Technical information o Decorative plywood

Water Resistance Test: No Delimitation after three cycles three boiling for 3 hours followed by drying for 8 hours. Thus it sustains the severest of climatic conditions.

Adhesion of plies: Excellent

Double Preservative Treatment: Glue Line poisoning as well as veneer and Timber are treated with preservatives.

Length: Max + 6 mm (Standard 2440 mm)
Wide:  Max + 3mm (Standard 1220 mm)
Thickness:  ± 10% Upto 4mm; ± 5% Above 4mm
  Moisture Content (%) 5 - 15 10 - 12
  Squareness Test (%) < 0.2 < 0.15
  Bending Strength arallel Fall Grain (Kg/ cm2)
erendicular Fall Grain (Kg/cm2)


  Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2) 5000 8980
  Modulus of Ruture (N/mm2) 50 58
  Flammability Test(min) ≥ 30 58
  Flame enetration (min) ≥ 15 ≥ 47
  Rate of Burning (loss of weight by 50%) (mins.) ≥ 20 ≥ 50
  Retention of Fire Retardant chemicals (Kgs /cm3) 40 65