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Jai Assam also makes B/B of extra thick grade ‘A’ veneers and premium imported pne logs; cut out of central beams and composed core-stock of batons; and fabricated from extra thick circular pieces of imported wood and long core veneers
B/B are available in commercial, Waterproof and Teak Varieties
Range Available Application
Interiors Grade Commercial B/B (ICOM) Furniture, Partition & interior uses
Exterior Grade Commercial B/B (XCOM) Furniture, Partition,  Kitchen Cabinets
  Bank Counter, Wardrobes
Interior Grade Decorative B/B (IDEC) Furniture, Partition Interior
Exterior Grade Decorative B/B (XDEC) Furniture Uses, Banks Counter,
  Ship Counters, Ship Cabinets, Wardrobes

Technical Specifications
Our Carpenter Friendly Block Board
Properties Specified as per IS:1659:1990 Our Board
Adhesive Used for Bonding as per IS :  848 :  1974 (a
Preservative Treatment For Block Board as per IS :  401 :  1982 (b
Core Strips Shall not exceed 30mm As per (c
  IS :  1141 : 1948  
Cross Band Not less than 1 mm but (d
  Not more than 3 mm  
Moisture Content Less than 12 % (e
Thickness(Tolerance) +/-5% (f
Dimensional Changes Not less than +/-1mm (g
Caused by humidity RH 90% and 40% Compared to
  65 % RH  
Central Loading of Pass standard (h
Block board (Plate Test)    
Flexural Strength Pass standard (I
Adhesion of Piles Pass standard (j

Apart from ISI requirement our Block Board also have following advantages:
  • Has combination of selected seasoned hardwood and durable species of timber
  • Has Modulus of Elasticity above 4500 N/min
  • Has Modulus of Rupture above 450 N/Min
  • Swelling in Water is less than 1 %
  • Therm Press Technology Used
  • Balanced Construction
  • Similar Veneer Density
  • Anti Borer and Termite Treatment
  • Density 500 Kg/m3
  • No Core Gap/Split/Overlap
  • No Beat Over/Gap
  • No Warping

B/B fillers are made from single species of wood, batterns treated with preservative which are cut into pieces and wood are tenderized before pressing so it become stress free B/B after hot pressed are further given stress relieving treatment which makes board fully wrap free. B/B have a smooth and blow less surface finish, which can be painted, are polished.

All three wood components of B/B
Face Veneer
Core Veneer
Framed B/B are well matched
Timber is sterilized during seasoning process to kill wood destroying insects
Chamber seasoned battens used. Planks are thoroughly seasoned and cut with great precision to obtain battens with unmatched uniform thickness according to IS: 1141:1993
Battens are systematically arranged to avoid extra gap. B/B use single variety of batorons of up to 30 mm width

Cutting edge technology chemical treatment and special composing ensures that our boards are as plain and uniform as the get. The utmost care taken ensure no gaps, overlapping or corrugation and eliminates the chance of opening up of the board when cut.

Available in Two Grades
  • MR Interior grad B/B and Decorative type: Bonded with good quality melamine urea formaldehyde resin conforming to IS 848-1974.
  • BWP exterior grade B/B and decorative type bonded with superior quality phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin confirming to IS:848-1974