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Moisture Resistant Commercial Plywood IS: 303 The preferred choice in hot and humid climatic conditions, whether there is lot of moisture in the air. A versatile ready to use exterior grade plywood, it can be used without additional finishing or paintion. It is reusable and therefore economical Plywood for general purpose according to IS: 303:1989 comes into two grades
  • BWR Grade
  • MR Grade

BWR Grade Plywood
BWR Grade Plywood a tough rugged Boiling Water Resistant bonded with Phenol-Formaldehyde synthetic resin and can resist 72 hours continuous boiling water. So it can be used under and tropical climatic conditions BWR grade plywood is used for zero effect of boiling water, cyclic moistening and drying. Use of fortified resorcinol phenol formaldehyde resin makes it 100% BWR grade
Tropicalised, ideal for Kitchen and other moisture prone areas.
Made of selected hard wood veneers bonded with high quality Phenol Formaldehyde Resin. It is then passed through a chemical impregnation treatment under high temperature and vacuum pressure. The result is high quality plywood that can resist boiling water. Climatic variation and even termite attacks. Technical Specification
Grade BWR
Thickness of Sample: 12 MM
The sample is tested in accordance with IS: 303: 1989 and following results are observed:
Test Required Observed
Dimensions Tolerance    
a) Length +6 mm, -0 mm 1842 mm
b) Width +3 mm, -0 mm 921 mm
c) Thickness +/- 5% 12.08 mm
d) Square ness 0.20% 0.08%
e) Edge Straightness 0.20% 0.06%
Glue Adhesive Test    
Glue shear strength in Dry state in (N)    
a) Average 1350 (Min) 1575.8
b) Individual 1000 (Min) 1380.5
Mycological Test    
Glue shear strength in (N)    
a) Average 1000 (Min) 1306
b) Individual 800 (Min) 1205
Water Resistant Test    
Glue shear strength in (N)    
a) Average 1000 (Min) 1280.6
b) Individual 800 (Min) 1160.8
Moisture Content 5-15% 7%
Type of synthetic Resin Phenol Formaldehyde(P.F) (P.F.)

MR Grade Plywood
MR Grade Plywood is bonded with Urea-Formaldehyde synthetic resin mixed with extra binding agents to provide a robust quality. It can withstand hot water up to 60ºc.
Grade: MR
Thickness of sample: 12 mm
Test Required Observed
Dimensions Tolerance    
a) Length +6mm, -0mm 1841 mm
b) width +3mm, -0mm 1222 mm
c) Thickness +/-5% 12.05 mm
d) Square ness .2% 0.10%
e) Edge Straightness .2% 0.15%
Glue Adhesive Test    
Glue shear Strength in Dry    
state in (N) 1000 (Min) 1280.8
a) Average 800 (Min) 1100.3
b) Individual    
Mycological Test    
Glue shear Strength in Dry 800(Min) 1108.5
a) Average 650 (Min) 910.8
b) Individual    
Water Resistant Test    
Glue shear Strength in Dry 800 (Min) 1005.6
a) Average 650 (Min) 930.5
b) Individual    
Moisture Content 5-15% 8%
type of synthetic Resin Urea Formaldehyde (U.F.) (U.F.)

Apart From ISI requirements our ply also have following advantage
  • Combination of selected Hardwood and Durable Species of Timber used
  • Screw holding strength above 270 Kg
  • Swelling in water is less than 1 %
  • Therm-Press Technology
  • Similar Veneer Density
  • Balanced Construction
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Anti Borer and Termite Treatment
  • Selected Panel Core
  • Fire Resistant
  • No core Gap / Split/ Overlap
  • No warping